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11 December 2017

Does My Commercial Premises Need CCTV?

Protect Your Business Around the Clock with a Security System

In this day and age, it is even more important to protect our businesses and staff. In an age where crime rates are increasing and sadly, policing numbers are decreasing, it’s understandable to feel like we have to take extra measures to protect ourselves from incidents such as theft, vandalism, violence and even terrorism. Locks on gates and entrance doorways simply aren’t enough anymore.

The fact is, a huge percentage of crime goes either unreported or unsolved as the police simple do not have the time or resources to follow up every incident or every case of crime that occurs, and have thus resorted to prioritising reported crime by the seriousness of the incident. Many people feel like we are headed towards a lawless society and therefore, smart business owners are investing in security such as access control systems or CCTV to protect their premises and have readily available evidence if an incident was to ever occur.

If a theft or vandal was able to steal or destroy a large part of your business, whether that be stock, machinery, the infrastructure or valuable items, it could cost you your livelihood or even your entire business. So it’s no wonder that savvy business owners are taking matters into their own hands and are investing into an extra layer of security that may prevent the unthinkable from happening so they can get on and run their operations without the concerns of business interruption or closure.

Here’s X reasons why you should consider installing a security system at your place of business.


In most cases, criminals will only act if they feel they can get away with it. So by installing a CCTV system that is visible will hugely increase your chances of an opportunist thinking twice about a potential attack on your premises. Modern CCTV systems now offer very high resolution imagery meaning that any would-be thief or criminal is far more likely to be identified and caught if they were captured on film during the process. Even criminals have enough sense to realise a CCTV system present is not worth the risk so by installing one, you massively lessen your chances of becoming a victim.

Safety & Security

During working hours a CCTV system will provide a much needed extra layer of security for those in potentially vulnerable positions. Companies that deal directly with the public are becoming increasingly concerned with the rise in abusive and at times, violent behaviour towards their staff. There have also been cases of misconduct by staff towards customers and members of the public alike. Therefore a CCTV system will make those present far more conscious they are being watched, thus leading to better behaviour and performance respectively.

Justice & Retribution

If your business is one of the unfortunate ones to be a victim of crime, a CCTV system will in the very least increase the chances of those responsible being arrested and brought to justice. If this is the case, you are then more likely to receive damages as a consequence of their actions through the legal system s your evidence collected will be indisputable.

Insurance Costs

The installation of a CCTV system will undoubtedly reduce your insurance costs if your provider can see clear evidence that you have taken greater measures to protect your business. By installing one, you greatly reduce the likelihood of being the victim of crime and thus the likelihood of you making a claim lessens likewise. Your insurance company will know this and very likely reduce your premiums.

Periods of Closure

Seasonal closures during festive periods such as Christmas are when crime rates increase significantly. As premises are closed for prolonged stretches and left unattended, criminals cease the opportunity to break in and steal valuable items whilst you and your staff are at home enjoying the time off.

A CCTV system will again help to prevent crime and protect your premises during festive breaks, meaning you can go away and enjoy the time off instead of being concerned with crime, theft and vandalism.

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