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26 April 2016

Is your office in need of a spring clean?

We’re well into the new season and with the longer days and evenings, we tend to spend just a little more time at work than we would during winter months. The heating may be switched off and the windows may be open, but some fresh air flowing through the halls is no excuse not to have a proper clear up, organisation and dusting down.

Winter is notoriously a period when we spend less time outdoors and clutter up our workspaces. Dirt, grime and general office clutter has built up for months, making your working environment just that little bit more unproductive, stressful and unpleasant. So its no wonder the traditional spring clean for most of us, is long overdue!

Now is the ideal time to start organising your work areas, getting rid of the unnecessary junk that has taken up permanent residence in a cosy corner and to hire the professionals to come in and spruce up the place.

Here’s what you need to do to make that process quicker and smoother:

Desk Organisation

Before doing anything else, just sit back in your chair and look around you to observe your immediate surroundings. Feeling a little cluttered? Sometimes, we’re so busy with work commitments and deadlines that we do not see the chaotic and unsightly mess staring us in the face.

Post it notes, scrap paper, pens, pencils and old memos just gather dust and seem to have been on your desk for an eternity. Grime, dirt and general unsightly stuff seems to have built up on your mouse, keyboard and telephone handset from continued use in between tea breaks, biscuits and the odd sandwich at your desk.

If all of this is starting to sound very familiar, then guess what? It’s time to get organised and have a good blitzing of all that unused rubbish cluttering up your workspace and your mind. This will allow for a team to come in a give your desk a well earned sanitary treatment, as well as a computer screen clean.

Desktop Clear Up

Now that your physical desktop is clean, what about your computer? Are you a serial desktop file saver? Like to keep attachments, work in progress and important documents saved on your desktop screen for supposed easy access when in actual fact, the entire screen looks like a sea of icons? If that’s you, then you know that you need to go through this little lot and find good homes for them. That’s usually either an appropriate job folder or the trash can!

OK, so a messy desktop computer screen doesn’t affect your real world environment but it has an impact on your overall organisational skills and ability to prioritise. Clean up your PC as well as your physical desk and you’ll suddenly start to feel on top of the chaos that has built up for months on end.

Kitchen Nasties

How many times have you really cleaned the office kitchen refrigerator this past year? Go on, be honest! It’s been months and this is a hive for germs, bacteria and potential food poisoning.

If this applies to you, clear out all of the food from the fridge and switch it off to allow for professional cleaning and disinfecting. Yes it will no doubt stink the place down but if it does, that’s a sign that is was full of bacteria which is extremely unhealthy and frankly was long overdue a proper cleaning and disinfecting.


If your office has a recycling policy, chances are there’s a famous “paper pile” in one corner that no one wants to take care of. Well guess what? Its time you hit the shredder and got rid of this collection of paper that’s making your office look like a Staples warehouse. Piles of paperwork, files and cardboard boxes just end up becoming a never ending problem. If you want a team to come in and clean your carpets, desks, cabinets and surfaces correctly, then they’ll need as little clutter as possible to do the job right.

So do yourself and favour and implement better recycling and trash disposal policies that will prevent the usual annual build up of paper waste that never gets taken care of. A large communal bin or recycling container will make this process far easier to deal with and dispose of.

Are you ready?

So how does that feel, better right? Good. If you’re now looking ready for that proper spring clean, let’s get to work and bring in the professionals to make this season a clean, productive one that your workforce will enjoy being a part of.


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