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28 March 2016

5 Essential Items to Keeping Your Office Space Clean

A messy, dirty desk is never a suitable environment to encourage productivity or a healthy workspace. The more cluttered and unsanitary is gets, the worse the situation becomes. The big clean up gets put off and eventually, never happens.

With our working lives being ever more time pressured and demanding, the last thing you want to deal with is your own desk management and cleaning routine. But the fact is, deep cleaning takes time and can cost a great deal to your business and your overall health.

However, with a few inexpensive supplies at hand, keeping on top of desk hygiene and cleanliness is not as hard as it may seem. Here’s a few essential items to keep your desk area as clean as possible to prevent build up of bacteria and unhealthy nasties:

1. Compressed Air

These canisters only cost a few pounds each yet they have so many good uses. Our desks are full of small nooks and crannies that quickly collect a build up of crumbs, dust, dirt, dead skin and all sorts of unpleasant debris.

With a can of compressed air, you can ensure the gaps in various items such as keyboards, calculators, computer mice, telephone keypads and the fans in PCs stay debris free and clean for longer.

2. Antibacterial Wipes

A handy box of wipes costs just pennies yet they have so many practical applications. Once you’ve sprayed down your keyboard, phone or calculators with compressed air, you want something that will pick up and wipe away the unpleasant collection you just loosened off. These wipes are just the ticket. Not only will the debris be magnetised to them like a sponge, you’ll be disinfecting the surfaces at the same time, thus doing two great jobs at once!

3. Paper Towels

Every office should have a supply of decent paper towels to hand yet, rarely do you ever find them. They have infinite uses for practically every clean up job.

Contrary to many beliefs, computer screens should not be cleaned with antibacterial wipes as the alcohol in them can ruin your screen’s protective coating. Instead, spray a little warm water onto a paper towel and you should be able to effectively wipe away any fingerprint marks, smudges or dust and debris easily.

It goes without saying how useful paper towels are for kitchen clean ups. How many times have you seen a colleagues lunch explode in the microwave from overcooking? Paper towels offer a quick and convenient way of cleaning up the bulk of the mess left behind after a lunchtime disaster!

4. Dishwasher Powder

If like most offices, your coffee pot rarely ever gets a thorough clean and the build up of discolouration and scum can be pretty unpleasant. If you have regular client visits, it doesn’t look great if you’re serving coffee from a nasty old coffee pot yet, a little dishwasher powder can do wonders.

Just add a little to the pot, add hot water and let it sit for at least an hour or two. Once left, it should look as good as new as the chemicals have got to work and done the clean up job. Simple.

5. Sanitising Lotion

And finally, a bottle of this on your desk is not only a quick and easy way to keep your hands clean and maintain good hygiene, it will also act as a reminder to you and your colleagues to keep your hands clean and ensure the spread and build up of office bacteria is kept as minimal as possible.


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