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Shredding Services

Sensitive paperwork and document shredding is one of those inconvenient jobs that take up valuable man hours.

Sometimes there is confidential information you want to keep private.

Additionally, you may have sensitive documents that need to be disposed of because they carry highly valuable data.

This means you need to feel confident that they are being shredded properly.

Many businesses choose to use a professional shredding services rather dealing with disposal at their business.

This guarantees their high value documents are removed entirely and any information protected from view.

Choosing us to deal with all of your paper shredding guarantees you a secure service.

We guarantee complete confidentiality, carefully disposing of your paper in a professional manner.

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ECMS Services

What We Cover

Our years of experience gives you confidence in our shredding services. We cover all industries whether your business is office based or a large, public building, a school, healthcare provider and any other commercial business.

  • Document Shredding
  • Secure Shredding
  • Document Recycling
  • Highly Confidential Shredding
  • Document Disposal
  • After Hours Shredding

Do not hesitate to call our friendly and helpful customer services team to find out what we can do for you and provide you with an extremely competitive price.

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Security-Cleared Staff


As well as paper shredding services, we also deal with waste disposal, destruction of documents and destruction of data.

As an environmentally friendly company we also employ recycling methods for the shredded paper.

We work quickly and efficiently and when you call our customer services team, we arrange for highly trained ECMS staff to visit your premises and collect your paper in person.

All of our shredding staff are security cleared and provide you with security sealed sacks or similar.

All sacks or containers are weighed so we can give you a tailor-made competitive quote.

Once shredded, we inform you via email and issue a certificate which acts as proof of destruction.

Tracked Vehicles

Our shredding services is so secure, that following collection of your highly sensitive documentation we track our vehicles using CCTV until the moment of shredding.

Additionally, we follow guidelines under BSEN15713.

This guarantees you complete confidentiality and gives you peace of mind that we are doing our job thoroughly.

We believe our reliable service is the reason why we are often the choice of London and south East businesses for all their shredding needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our list below to get answers to frequently asked questions on this service:

We have no limit and accept all jobs large or small.

Mostly paper but we can get rid of other materials such as plastic, electrical goods, metal and fabric. Please discuss these materials with our customer services team who will provide further information.

No, you just need to place it into the sacks or boxes we provide and we’ll do the rest. You can keep staples and paperclips in-tac as well because our shredders are strong enough to cope with them.

We recycle it following shredding.

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