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Mechanical & Electrical

Whether you are installing a brand new electrical system at your place of business, want to re-wire or you need to rectify an electrical fault, ECMS is the number one choice of many London and South East businesses.

We are there to take on your mechanical and electrical project no matter how large or small, promising an outstanding service from start to finish.

We offer a large range of mechanical and electrical services.

All of our mechanical and electrical team are trained, experienced and accredited electricians and engineers.

You’ll also find that our team are reliable, courteous and well-equipped to deal with whatever challenge your business has.

Rest-assured, we don’t leave any job unless you are completely satisfied and we work around your business where we can, to ensure as little disruption to your place of work as possible.

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ECMS Services

What We Cover

Our years of experience gives you confidence in our Mechanical and Electrical services. We cover all industries whether your business is office based or a large, public building, a school, healthcare provider and any other commercial business.

  • Electrical Installation Design
  • Lighting Installation & Design
  • Fixed Wire Testing & Certification
  • Air Conditioning Installation & Testing
  • Emergency Lighting Installation
  • Energy Surveys
  • Mechanical Design
  • Metalwork
  • Pipework & Installation
  • Plumbing Maintenance & Installation
  • Gas Maintenance
  • Solar Power Installation

Do not hesitate to call our friendly and helpful customer services team to find out what we can do for you and provide you with an extremely competitive price.

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Tailor-Made Quotes & Electrical Installation Advice


Our customer services team will arrange for one of our mechanical and electrical team to come out and visit your place of business and assess what you need doing, this enables us to put together a tailor-made competitive quote for you and give you an idea of timescale to complete your project.

We work closely with you to understand exactly what you want especially on large-scale projects.

We can also advise on electrical installation, finding you excellent cost-saving products that will benefit your bottom line in the future!

Planned Scheduled Maintenance

Our electrical service covers all the areas you would expect.

This includes full or part electrical installation, maintenance and testing.

We usually cover our maintenance contracts over planned scheduled maintenance so you don’t have to worry about your electrics.

This is because we conduct regular visits to make sure everything is running efficiently.

Planned scheduled maintenance offers a cost-effective solution for our business clients and often works out cheaper than ad-hoc visits.

Additionally, with regular planned scheduled maintenance, our electricians usually pick up small faults before they surface and grow into bigger problems.

Whether you choose us for a large electrical project, a small fit-out, maintenance checks, testing or to rectify problems, you’ll find that we offer a very high standard of work.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers are adept at dealing with very complex projects and we bring you everything you need for your building’s mechanical needs.

All of our team are fully qualified engineers with years of industry experience.

All work complies with British Standards and we guarantee excellence from start to finish.

Our mechanical services can be employed on an ad-hoc basis or as part of your planned preventative maintenance contracts.

Usually, the latter works out at a better price which is why many London and South East businesses use us to deal with their mechanical engineering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our list below to get answers to frequently asked questions on this service:

If you’ve had extensive building work then your premises will be dusty and dirty. This means new ducts can be contaminated with all this debris – as well as larger objects. It’s best to clean them by a specialist after they’re installed rather than just capping them off, which may have been suggested to you. Otherwise you could have adhesives, gas and hazardous substances floating around your office atmosphere.

This is sometimes referred to as “General Ventilation” and defines air-flow in your office or business premises. By adding fresh air, contaminants are diluted. There are different types of Dilution Ventilations such as Natural Ventilation which is provided through temperature and wind pressure to transport fresh air through a building. There is also mechanical ventilation (air conditioning) using a mechanism to provide fresh air. This is controllable.

You need to provide fresh air to your place of business to allow your workforce to breathe oxygen properly. Fresh air also removes carbon dioxide, heat and maintains a comfortable temperature level. Fresh air is required to get rid of bad odours and remove contaminants. If you don’t supply enough fresh air, your staff could feel tired, develop headaches, dry skin, eye irritation and itchy skin conditions.

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