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Commercial Roofing

Every now and then, your roof needs attention or you might be undertaking building work at your place of business.

You’ll need to employ a professional commercial roofing team.

We are a name you can always trust for all your commercial roofing needs.

There’s no commercial roofing job we can’t assist with.

We have an experienced, knowledgeable team of trained commercial roofers.

We can advise and install new roofs, maintain existing roofs and repair problems.

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ECMS Services

What We Cover

Our years of experience gives you confidence in our Commercial Roofing. We cover all industries whether your business is office based or a large, public building, a school, healthcare provider and any other commercial business.

  • Insulation
  • Glazing
  • Vented Systems
  • Felt Roof Covers
  • Asphalt
  • Rubber Covers
  • Guttering
  • Fascias
  • Moss Cleaning
  • Chimneys

Do not hesitate to call our friendly and helpful customer services team to find out what we can do for you and provide you with an extremely competitive price.

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All Roofing Components On-Board


We carry all of the right equipment on board so when you call our customer services help-desk and book in a roofing survey, we can either send someone to quote on your job or organise one of our roofers to visit you in more urgent situations.

Our Safe Contractor Approved roofers are fully adept at dealing with all types of roofs, whether it’s for a workplace building, industrial building or commercial office.

No job is too difficult to attend to and our service extends to flat roofing where we use all sorts of suitable materials including felt, asphalt and liquid coatings.

Guttering and Blockage Solutions

We do recommend regular checks to your roof because sometimes, issues arise due to problems that could have been avoided.

For example, your gutters should be inspected for blockages because blocked gutters usually lead to leaks and outlet blockages which could even result in problems to your building’s internal structure.

Flat roof seams and laps should be inspected regularly because if they’re exposed, you need to repair your roof’s flashing.

Roof Tiles, Leaks & More

No commercial roofing job is too small.

We cover every type of roof repair, even broken or loose roof tiles.

We also inspect roofs too, detecting leaks and checking waterproofing to avoid further issues in the future.

Our roofers clear gutters, making sure they aren’t blocked by leaves or debris and check they are suitable for purpose.

We also repair chimneys, carrying out repointing, removing and replacing brickwork where necessary and even rebuilding if required.

Of course, in extreme circumstances you may need a completely brand new roof fitted.

Our team are all industry standard roofers able to install a new roof for your business.

Finally, our commercial roofers are skilled and experienced and we comply with Building Regulations.

So as well as a courteous, reliable and friendly service, you know you’re in safe hands with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our list below to get answers to frequently asked questions on this service:

Generally, problems are detected following a leak so we recommend annual or bi-annual inspections which detect cracks, loose tiles, seams and flashing problems. Inspections also cover blockages in guttering and other areas. If you have discoloured plaster board, cracked paint or a leak inside, it might be due to a roof problem.

Not always, sometimes a leak can be due to a flashing that’s loosened or an area of damage. If there is significant damage then you might need a new roof, this is usually because of age deterioration or the wrong materials being used during initial installation.

We can offer re-covering your existing system or removing and replacing your new roof. It’s best to get one of our experienced team to visit you and survey the area before making any decisions.

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