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Construction Site Management

Whenever you choose us for your building works, we always provide suitable construction site management.

However, sometimes our clients request one of our construction site managers for their own separate building works projects.

We will always provide a fully trained and experienced site manager to maintain a safe HSE-compliant site.

Our site management team have years of invaluable experience and make sure that all site areas are meticulously maintained.

It’s their job to keep the site as it should be.

They are responsible for reporting and removing any hazards, controlling entry therefore signing people in and out and maintaining the highest safety standards.

Keeping the site clear of any dangers and making sure every person working on site wears the correct safety equipment is paramount.

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ECMS Services

What We Cover

Our years of experience gives you confidence in our Construction Site Management. We cover all industries whether your business is office based or a large, public building, a school, healthcare provider and any other commercial business.

  • Health & Safety On Site
  • Environmental Management
  • Regular Site Inspections
  • Managing Site Works
  • Control of Entry & Exit To Site
  • Reporting
  • Budgeting & Analysis
  • Liaison With Contractors
  • Risk Assessment & Method Statements (RAM)
  • Approved Written Procedures (AWP)

Do not hesitate to call our friendly and helpful customer services team to find out what we can do for you and provide you with an extremely competitive price.

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Knowledgeable Construction Site Management


Our construction site management team are fully knowledgeable in electrical and mechanical engineering, building and construction and environmental issues – so they are available to advise and assist where necessary.

When you call our customer services team to discuss your site management requirements, we will pair the right person with all the right skills to your project.

We guarantee competitive rates as well as a reliable, courteous and professional service.

To find out more about construction site management call today or drop us a line.

An Independent Eye

When you employ one of our site managers, you have confidence that we provide someone who knows exactly how to run a building site.

They also bring an independent eye, checking how the site is operating and making sure it is efficiently run.

It’s also up to them to monitor site performance and all activities.

Your construction site management representative will ensure all works on site is carried out to specifications, conforming to industry standards and health & safety.

They will also be responsible for putting into place best practices to minimise any potential dangers on site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our list below to get answers to frequently asked questions on this service:

Under normal circumstances, what a site manager will do is oversee all day to day operations, making sure work is done safely and to specification, adhering to building regulations. Sometimes referred to as a construction manager, that person will be responsible for making sure work is delivered on schedule and within budget.

It’s a good idea to have one in place as they will take on your project for you leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. The ECMS Site Managers come armed with the right experience to understand and oversee construction projects. The Site Manager will arrange all documentation, schedule monitoring, on-site construction management, budgeting, change control and project completion.

We believe that a Site Manager should be hired at the start of a project, even before a contractor or an architect as they can then play a role right at the beginning of your project and give input as early as the design stage. Any concerns or ideas can be raised at this stage and your Site Manager can also cast an eye over contracts, schedule and budget to make sure everything is in place accordingly.

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