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25 July 2016

Are your office temperatures affecting your workforce?

6 reasons why you need to install an air conditioning system

The sun may not come out to play very often in the UK but when it does, we can experience some of the hottest temperatures in northern Europe, due to the gulf stream pulling warm air from across the continent onto our shores for the summer months.

Just this past month alone (July 2016), temperatures soared in many places to above 35ºc, making it one of the warmest periods on record. Most people love the warm sunnier days however, working in those conditions, especially in a busy office environment filled with computers, monitors and other hardware constantly emitting heat, makes it for a very uncomfortable experience.

Many firms try to counter the hotter periods by purchasing basic floor-standing fans as a means to improve ventilation but all this does is create new problems, not to mention make you look like a cheapskate! With air blasting in various directions – paperwork, dust and debris starts to blow all over the place and frankly, this cheap and cheerful solution to the problem is not the answer.

Temperatures throughout the building will still remain uncomfortably warm and this will inevitably lead to a reduction is staff productivity, costing your business money!

So if you’re faced with the dilemma of whether you should or shouldn’t consider getting an air-conditioning system installed at your workplace, here’s six reasons that should convince you to make it happen:

1. Staff Health

If you’re finding that staff are frequently sick or requesting time off work for illness related issues, chances are that air quality and internal office temperatures could be to blame.

Studies have shown that common cold and flu bugs love warm and damp environments, where they spread easily. By installing a high quality HVAC system, you can help prevent the spread of germs and keep your workers healthier for longer all year round.

2. Staff Performance

Recent surveys have shown that staff take far longer breaks during hotter periods. Naturally, people do tend to gravitate towards the outdoors on the warmer summer days however, if your office feels like a furnace, no one will want to spend too long working in such difficult surroundings.

Too much heat and concentration levels drop, mistakes are made and productivity drops. By cooling the internal air, you create a controlled environment that makes being indoors more appealing and a place to actually escape the heat; not run away from!

3. Staff Morale

A workplace with a consistent and balance temperature makes for a more contented team.

It’s very true that there will be differences of opinion as to what the ambient office temperature should be, with older people preferring cooler temperatures to the young and women preferring slightly warmer temperatures to men. However, with an efficient air-conditioning system in place, you should be able to find a happy medium where temperatures are set at a comfortable range for certain areas of the office so that most if not, everyone should be just about happy with the temperatures you set.

4. Damp & Moisture Reduction

Damp and moisture can be a huge problem not only to your office environment but also to your team’s health. Mould spores can cause allergies and various health implications as well as cause longer term damage to walls, ceilings and electrical equipment.

A good A/C system will take care of these concerns and remove excess moisture from the air in your office and maintain a much healthier balance.

5. Reduced Maintenance Costs

If your air-conditioning system is regularly maintained, it should tick over nicely for years and go unnoticed. If serviced regularly, A/C units tend to last a very long time without the need for replacement or major repairs.

On the whole, A/C systems lose about 5% efficiency each year if in constant use and if allowed to become dirty, dusty or suffer from excessive wear and tear or leakages, that can increase to a loss of up to 40% of its effectiveness.

A regular check up each year by a qualified engineer will ensure your prized investment lasts for many years to come.

6. Money Saving

The money saving comes from various aspects of your business and not necessarily just the air conditioning system itself.

As mentioned before, if your staff are happy, healthy and productive, chances are your business will thrive as a result. The same goes for your A/C system. If it is well maintained and regularly serviced, it will operate to its maximum potential, keeping energy costs down, your office well cooled and prevent electrical equipment such as PCs, monitors and printers from overheating and breaking.

Isn’t it time you got a new A/C system installed?

Whether or not you have air conditioning installed at your office, speak to our team about our air conditioning maintenance and installation services. A good A/C system will work wonders at your office and in these hotter and humid weeks ahead, your staff will thank you for it!


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