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27 June 2016

Reasons why you should always hire a pest control specialist

If you run a business, especially where food is prepared and sold, persistent pests can be a massive problem and danger to health for your staff and customers. Even within the cleanest and most regularly maintained environments, pests can still get in as they are attracted to the warm, cosy environment and in many cases, abundance of foods to consume.

Reputations in the food industry depend on good quality hygiene, especially with the UK’s current “Scores on the Doors” official food hygiene rating scheme which assesses the overall hygiene of the premises that a customer consuming food is present in. There’s no place to hide, so ensuring you keep your place free of pests and as clean as possible is paramount to continued business success and your reputation.

But good pest control does not only apply to restaurants and places serving food. Pest infestations are a regular problem within offices that suffer from a lack of cleanliness and maintenance. One of the most neglected parts of any office space is the kitchen area where staff will continually congregate to make drinks, eat snacks and store foods in cupboards and refrigerators which get neglected and start to decay, creating odours that attract pests. It’s common knowledge that seldom does any single team member want to take responsibility for regularly cleaning the kitchen or refrigerator, especially if a professional cleaning team is not in place. So it’s a regular problem to find pests moving in once the hygiene starts to take a backseat.

Don’t do it yourself!

Many businesses try to deal with the pest issues themselves but seldom does this have any effect. The fact is, pests can be harmful to your health and this should always be taken seriously.

Rats and mice leave faeces which are responsible for the transmission of many diseases. When present, their feeding habits are destructive and their nesting behaviours can cause damage to walls, flooring and furnishings. The general rule is that if you have spotted just a single rodent, chances are you actually have a much larger infestation present. And where rats and mice live, they also tend to die so it may be a case that where they have nested down into a small space out of site, some may have died which leads to rotting odours which attract other pests. The problem can get out of hand quickly.

This is why you should only hire a professional team who will have the know how, equipment and appropriate methods to deal with the problem. Over-the-counter poisons simply won’t do the job!

Not all infestations are the same!

A pest control professional will evaluate your specific situation such as to the level of infestation and the size of your premises to make an informed judgement. The will come up with a plan to keep bugs and pests at bay and investigate how and where they are entering your premises and put a stop to it.

They’ll also investigate their habits such as where they are nesting, where they are moving around and what has attracted them to your property.

Spend now, save later

Most people tend to believe that professional pest control is an expense not worth investing in and try to deal with the issue using cheaper, off-the-shelf options. This however, will cost you more in the long run.

The fact is, if your infestation gets serious, it could mean shutting down your business if you prepare food and or have a situation where staff are getting sick. Neither of these scenarios are worth contemplating when a professional can take care of the problem swiftly and decisively. Avoid a potential nightmare by having the pests removed completely at source.

The right tools for the job

The fact is, most pest control chemicals are toxic and should not be handled unless you know what you are doing. A professional pest control expert will know exactly which chemicals to use to deal with the pests you have, and apply them in a safer and controlled way.

Shop purchased sprays can be over used and leave toxic residues on surfaces that can be harmful to you as well as the pests you are experiencing and you could end up making yourself or others sick through mishandling and misuse of these products. And even if you do manage to kill off the pests causing your woes, some pests can be dangerous and require special handling and disposal – that’s if you can find them!

So whether your pests are rodents, birds, termites, insects, wasps, bees or bugs, best call in the guys who know how to deal with it the right way.


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