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14 May 2018

When’s the Best Time to Clean Your Windows?

Why Regular Commercial Building Window Cleaning Matters

Understandably, many businesses do not believe they have a pressing need or want to have their office windows cleaned during the late autumn or winter months. With daily rain fall and colder weather being the norm, any attempts to clean windows will soon be met with a fresh layer of dirt, grime and pollution after a few hours of rainfall. But is this wise? Well, in most cases no but it greatly depends on your type of business and where you’re located.

Now that spring is approaching, any lack of cleaning of office windows for example, will be staring you in the face as the sun starts to shine and office blinds and window coverings start to open to let the natural light flood in. It’s an unsightly view that none of your employees will particularly enjoy and if the build up has been allowed to occur over several months, the dirt and dust could be thick and may have penetrated the frames or sills. So the lack of maintenance may not be just aesthetic, it could also affect the entire window frames as well and could mean unexpected repair costs or possible replacement.

In places such as healthcare providers, including hospitals and doctors surgeries, cleanliness is a must. All windows should be cleaned regularly inside and out to prevent any potential bacteria or diseases from harvesting, so when it comes to public health there should never be any compromises. Windows in such institutions should be done at least once a month.

For the humble shop owner who has a window display in a high traffic area or city centre, crystal clean windows are top priority on a daily basis. Any store with dirty windows cannot possibly hope to make a good first impression if their window fitments are adorned with grimy windows and dirty cills. No self-respecting customer would want to come into a small boutique, café, restaurant or gift shop if the exterior looks uncared for. So clean windows are a must.

For many businesses however, regular window cleaning is not as straightforward as it sounds, In larger cities, hundreds of firms operate in buildings where windows are hard to reach. High rise towers and modern office complexes make it hard to hire one-man-band window cleaners and instead, will need to hire a firm that deals with cleaning of tall commercial buildings using specialist abseil equipment to clean harder places to reach. In such cases, a periodic schedule of cleaning would be implemented to ensure the correct team and equipment are available to do the job at regular intervals. Buildings such as these may be cleaned twice or three times a year to ensure that any higher level windows are cleaned sufficiently each season, whilst lower lying windows closer to traffic and pollution should be cleaned at more regular intervals.

So knowing when to have your windows cleaned is not a simple answer for all cases as the above examples show but in every case, the need is most certainly there.

A Spring Clean is a Good Start

If for whatever reason you have neglected your windows over the winter period, now is most certainly a good time to start thinking about a thorough spring clean. Just a few months of rainfall and weather will have built up a lot of layers of pollution, dirt, dust and grime from the atmosphere and this will need taking care of. Any nearby roads or highways will have undoubtedly made your windows dirty so don’t leave it any longer!

Many older buildings that may have timber framed or steel framed windows can easily start to show signs of corrosion or ageing if not cleaned regularly. The build up can lead to small amounts of standing moisture which over time will do damage if not dealt with. So a simple lack of cleaning regime may cost you more in the long run.

In all cases, hiring a managed support team to take care of window cleaning will mean less worries for you and a far nicer place to work and greet your customers. Every business has varying levels of need to have windows cleaned but at some stage of another, they’ll need taking care of, so don’t leave it until winter comes around again. Take care of it today by speaking to a professional who can advise and put a maintenance schedule in place and take care of your windows.

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