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5 February 2018

Why modern workplace washroom hygiene is vital

How an uncleanly toilet could cost your business

Whether you run your business from an office, a restaurant or pub, there’s never been a more important period in time to keep your toilets and public washrooms clean and pristine.

In this modern age of social media and information sharing, a bad news story can grow legs and spread faster than a nasty virus doing the rounds at a pre-school. With numerous surveys suggesting that the majority of customers would never return to an eatery with a dirty washroom, it’s time to take serious notice.

With the world full of smartphone apps, social platforms and review sites, a story of poor hygiene at your premises could go online and spread bad publicity quickly, leaving you helpless to stop it. And many business owners are not taking this situation seriously enough.

With smartphones having the capability of taking high resolution photos and videos, and posting those files online instantaneously, any bad publicity is hard to defend when the evidence is staring you in the face. Yet so many businesses neglect their washrooms due to lack of time, resources or convenience. However, a properly maintained washroom could mean the difference between success or failure in the 21st century. So if your washrooms are showing signs of poor hygiene, there’s several reasons to change your ways.

4 Reasons to Keeping Washrooms Clean

Regardless of whether customers or clientele visit your premises and use your washrooms, there’s plenty of other reasons to keep them clean:

  1. Disease & Illness
    It’s common knowledge that toilets harbour thousands of microscopic bacteria that can be harmful to your health. The common cold and flu virus, e-coli an even hepatitis A can lurk in unpleasant places. Clean toilets means less staff sick days, which means better productivity and no loss of business.
  2. Staff Morale
    Under no circumstances will your team be happy working in an environment with dirty, uncleanly toilets. It reflects poorly on you as an employer if your toilets are neglected which inevitably leads to low staff morale, poor motivation and decreased productivity. Any cost savings you feel are being made but not hiring a cleaner will disappear in lost revenues.
  3. Professional Image
    Do you honestly want to invite customers and prospective clients into an establishment that has an image of poor hygiene. One look at your poorly maintained washrooms could be enough to put them off a lucrative deal. Penny pinching on the small things could cost you on the bigger things.
  4. Aesthetics
    There’s nothing quite as horrific to look at than a dirty, grimy public washroom, not to mention the smells! If you consider yourself to be a reputable, professional establishment, the least you can do is have clean, safe toilets for everyone to use.

Implement Good Sanitation Practices

By putting regular cleaning practices into place, you can easily turn a nasty problem into a thing of the past. It’s not hard.

Put simply, you need a regular professional cleaning and maintenance service in place to take the load and not have to worry about it any longer. A third party contractor will make sure your washrooms are not only clean, tidy and free of nasty smells, they’ll also ensure toilets run and flush correctly, loo rolls are regularly replenished, soap dispensers are full, hand towels are in place, bins are emptied and sanitised regularly, and deep cleans are carried out at a regular intervals.

If they identify additional problems such as persistent nasty odours, air fresheners can be installed or furthermore, plumbing inspections can be carried out to check for blockages or issues with the existing pipework.

Any reputable cleaning contractor will keep good records of when cleans were carried out, any additional items that were needed and advisories of issues that may need taking care of.

If your business is being let down by a dirty toilet that is doing harm to your business, perhaps it’s time you hired a professional to clean up your act. Speak to one of our friendly team here at ECMS and we’ll be happy to help you and discuss your requirements.

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