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1 January 2020

Best Ways to Clean uPVC Window Frames

Nobody likes to clean their windows and frames.

It is one of the most tedious chores, as it is time consuming and demanding too.

That is why many people opt to fit uPVC windows as they do not require as much maintenance as other types of window frames, such as timber or aluminium.

This is because uPVC will neither rust nor peel. You won’t have to worry about rotting or flaking either.

However it is important to know how to go about cleaning uPVC window frames so as to limit the time required to keep them clean.

Here are some of the best ways and some handy tips to keep in mind when cleaning uPVC window frames.

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  1. Getting Started
  2. What Will You Need?
  3. Guide to Cleaning uPVC Window Frames
  4. Tips to Bear in Mind
  5. Conclusion

Getting Started

As a general rule of thumb it is better to wipe your window frames with warm, soapy water on a regular basis.

This will greatly help in reducing the amount of time required to clean them as the grime build-up will be minimal.

What Will You Need?

You will need the following supplies:

    • A bucket filled with lukewarm water
    • At least 2 clean cloths
    • A brush
    • Cleaning solution (this will depend on what you prefer to use, as we shall discuss different options below)
White Vinegar
Vinegar is one of the most effective natural cleaning products for a variety of tasks.

Using Vinegar

You might have come across or experienced the effectiveness of vinegar when it comes to cleaning.

You could use vinegar to clean uPVC window frames too.

Simply add some vinegar to your cleaning water, especially in cases when there is a significant amount of grime or grease on the window frames, as it will help to dislodge the dirt much more easily.

Bucket of Soapy Water
Everyday washing up liquid is a highly versatile cleaning product

Using Washing Up Liquid

It may sound far too simple but in reality washing up liquid is one of the best options when cleaning uPVC window frames.

It is safe to use and effective too.

Plus a small amount of it will result in plenty of soapy water which will work well with your window frames.

Using a Non-Abrasive Cleaner

There are different types of non-abrasive cleaners on the market.

Most of these are quite creamy and they are ideal for general marks and spots.

Be cautious when choosing this type of cleaner though, especially if your window frames have a glossy finish.

Some lower quality cleaners might end up dulling up that glossy finish.

Cleaning Sprays
There’s a variety of commercial products on the market that are very good for cleaning uPVC

Using a Specialist uPVC Cleaning Solution

In case there are stubborn marks on the window frames a uPVC cleaner might be the best solution.

These will generally be found from a PVC supplier.

Guide to Cleaning uPVC Window Frames

General Method

        1. Start by loosening up the dirt on the windows. A small brush will be ideal for this job rather than starting to wipe off the dirt with a cloth, as it will end up getting dirty practically immediately. Alternatively you could use a rag that has rough fibres. If there is a lot of dirt involved after this process then you should use a vacuum cleaner to suck it up quickly. Make sure to use a soft brush nozzle so as to minimise the risk of scratching.
        2. Next you will need to wash away the residue left from the loosened up dirt and grime. Dip a clean cloth in the bucket of warm water and start wiping the window frames. For this part it is best to use clear water, without any detergent. This will help to reduce the possibility of smudging later on.
        3. Wipe the window frames dry.
        4. Next add your preferred detergent or cleaning agent to a bucket of clean lukewarm water and start wiping away the frames again.
        5. Finish off with a dry cloth to buff away any excess detergent.

Alternative Method

        1. Mix a cup of vinegar in 4 cups of hot water.
        2. Pour this mixture into a sprayer and start spraying onto the window frames.
        3. Leave to stand for at least 10 minutes so that the vinegar will work its way into the grime on the frames and loosen it up.
        4. Then, use a clean, smooth cloth to wipe down. Make sure you remove all excess liquid.

This method is quicker and yet quite effective nonetheless. So if you do not have much time, this method may work out best.

Tips to Bear in Mind

        1. Replace the water in the bucket often so as to make sure that you are using clean water on all parts of the window frames.
        2. It is best to use either a heavy duty cloth or a tick sponge to clean the edges and corners of your window frames.
        3. Having a squeegee is recommended. Make sure that the rubber edge is of good quality, and that you wipe off the water quickly so as not to allow it time to dry.
        4. Avoid cleaning windows on very hot sunny days. The sun will end up drying the cleaning water quickly. Moreover there is a bigger chance that there will be insects getting stuck to the windows on such days. It is best to do this job on cloudy days.
        5. In case there is mould, it is recommended to use some bleach especially in the areas where there is silicon and the seals.
        6. In case your window frames have paint on them, the best way to clean them is to apply some uPVC solvent cleaner first. This will help to soften up the paint. Next use a non-scratch scouring pad to scrub the areas.
        7. It is best to use only white rags when cleaning windows. Coloured cloths might end up transferring fibre paint on the frames. An old cotton t-shirt, or an old kitchen towel might be the best options.


Cleaning and maintaining uPVC windows is not that difficult.

The tips we discussed above will surely help you to do this easily and somewhat effortlessly too.

Always make sure to use the right kind of supplies to make the job easier for you, as well as to achieve better results.

Best Ways to Clean uPVC Window Frames
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Best Ways to Clean uPVC Window Frames
Cleaning uPVC windows & frames is a job that needs doing at least once a year. Read our article to learn ways to make this job easier & less frequent.
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